Cottage Rossa

Cottage in Dolni Morava - Eagle mountains



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Cottage booking - guidance

You can book your accommodation on this page. It will take about 3-5 minutes of your time. If you need to find out if your selected term is still available, have a look at the link "Free terms." You will be informed with detailed information via E-mail.

Information about down payment
There is a period of 5 days within which it is necessary to send down payment on provided account number to finish booking. Information about down payment will be provided right after your booking.

Down payment is 50% from the whole price of accommodation. The rest is payed after arrival.
If the booking is cancelled 2 weeks and earlier before arrival, 50 EUR will be charged from the downpayment. If the booking is cancelled less than 2 weeks before arrival, the deposit is forfeited.
If the deposit is not sent within 5 days, the requested accommodation term will be offered other people interested for accommodation.

Minimum length of stay are 3 days/2 nights. Stay over one night is possible under certain conditions.
Booking conditions for stay over one night will be agreed individually based on the amount of accommodated people, requested term, etc.
If you are interested for stay only over one night, give us a call on phone number below..

It is possible to be accommodated after 14:00 on the day of arrival and on the day of departure it is necessary to leave cottage by 10:00 AM.
Conditions for non-standard situations will be agreed individually with each cantoned.

If you are interested in our accommodation, send us your question via online form online form - cottage or call us on+420 777 60 24 29

During filling accommodation order form - please fill in all relevant fields. Check that all fields are filled in and that your e-mail address has correct form. Watch out as well filled date forms.

We will contact you within 24 hours after sending your online form.

Accommodation booking
Name: Family name:
Residence: Cellphone:
E-mail: Amount of housed people:
Arrival date: Departure date:
Names of all housed poeple: Children under 18:
Selected regime: STANDARD 10 a 1 is?:
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