Cottage Rossa

Cottage in Dolni Morava - Eagle mountains



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Pricelist of accommodation in Cottage Rossa

Discount on accommodation

Discount 1: Discount 15% for visitors accommodated for more than 10 days

Discount 2: There is an individual discount of minimum 10% for visitors who return

Discount 3: Discount 10% for all stays in summer season 2014

- prices for accommodation shown in price calculator are valid for season 2014-2015
- price doesn´t include electricity and heating briquettes - these two items are calculated based on real consumption
- Separate price for New Year´s Eve

- Price from price calculator below includes cottage rent including accessories (Finnish sauna - paid separately)
- Sauna using - 30 EUR/stay.

Price calculator shows you real rent price without electricity and heating briquettes.
There is cheaper electricity on Cottage Rossa for 20 hours/day (so called night mode), price is 0,15 EUR/KWh, general day mode electricity is 0,18 EUR/KWh.
Wooden briquettes are used for heating in fireplace. You can buy them on cottage, or you can bring your own wooden briquettes if preferred.
We use only high quality briquettes from Biomac - 2,6 EUR/10kg.

Price calculator

Price calculator
Mode: No guests:
Season: Under 18:
Amount of nights: Will use sauna

Seasons 2014/2015

Winter season from 22.December - 31.March - rent price is 85 EUR/cottage and night
Summer season from 1.April - 21.December - rent price is 70 EUR/cottage and night