Cottage Rossa

Cottage in Dolni Morava - Eagle mountains



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Touristics, interesting things in Dolni Morava surroundigns - Kraliky, Eagle Mountains

You can see different things - nature stuff or human creations:

  • Pumped storage power station Long Slopes
  • Fortifications, fortress Hurka, fort Bouda and more
  • Suchy vrch - mountain
  • Zemska brana - nature creation along the river
  • Pastvinska dam - swimming in the natural reservoir
  • Towers in the area and many more ...

Long Slopes, (Dlouhe Strane)

Zajímavý projekt skupiny ČEZ - byla výstavba přečerpávací elektrárny Dlouhé Stráně.

Dam is located in Morava district close the village Loucna nad Desnou. Dam has 3 "Best": it is the biggest power turbine in Europe - 325 MW, it´s the power station with the biggest downgrade in Czech Republic - 510,7 m and it´s the biggest instalated output in Czech Republic - 2 x 325 MW.

The base stone of power station was layed in May 1978. Through the time the power station was conservated and wasn´t decided if it should be finished or not. At the end the decision was made in 1989 to finish the dam and power station. Power station wasfinished and put to the operation in 1996.

Detailed information can be found here: Long Slopes

Fortress Bouda

Fortress Bouda is one of 5 completely finished artillery fortresses built in Czechoslovakia in 1935. This is the most well preserved structure in its category which was built in Czech Republic. Bouda is on the list of cultural memory of Czech Republic. The structure is made of 5 massive steel-concrete structures which are connected with underground corridors and massive halls. These served as barracks for fortress crew which consists of 316 men. These structures contained as well ammunition stocks, power station, filtration of the air,infirmary, kitchen etc. Halls and corridors are up to 57 metres undergground. There is as well underground railway. The structures are connected with corrdiors through lift shafts and stairs.

More detailed information can be found on the link: Fortress Bouda

Suchy vrch (Mountain

Suchy vrch belongs to the massive Bukova Uplands. It is nearly 1000 metres high. There is beautiful view to all surroungins including Rychlebske Mountains, Jeseniky, Eagle Mountains and all towns and villages around it. There is 33 metres high Water tanks which serves as well as view tower.

Zemska brana

Zemská bránaZemská brána - chráněný přírodní výtvor a oblíbené výletní místo. Je tak pojmenován skalnatý úsek Divoké Orlice protínající pod osadou Čihák napříč snížený hřbet Orlických hor. This is natural creation done by the river Orlice. Do you like River, rocks, huge stones - this is exactly for you.

More dtailed information can be found on the link: Zemska brana

Pastvinska dam

This dam was made between 1932-1938. Water area is 7km long and has more than 110 ha. Dam contains 11 millions cubic metres of water. Dam is made of stones and concrete and is 43metres high, 193 metres long. The part of the dam is a hydro power station. The dam is used for power energy production, river regulation and protection against floods and as well as a recteation center

More detailed information can be found on the link: Pastvinska dam