Cottage Rossa

Cottage in Dolni Morava - Eagle mountains



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Summer in the mountains under Kralicky Sneznik

Resort under Kralicky Sneznik in Dolni Morava offers sports backrgound pro summer athletes, romantics - nature with beautifull scenes and untouched nature in the sourrounding of Kralicky Sneznik. There are walking and cycling routes, bunkers, fortresses from World War II. You can relax and have a swim in close Pastvinska dam.

Our tips:
  • multifunctional playground for tenis, noheyball, volleyball
  • Football field
  • Cycle paths, mountain bikes
  • Hiking -marked trails
  • Caves
  • Cross trails for bike andrenalin enthusiasts
  • Fortress line, fortres Bouda, Fortress Hurka, fortress Hanicka, KS-5, KS-14 and many others
  • Beautifull views from Kralicky Sneznik and other tops of the mountains
  • Psture valley reservoir - about 15 km far away,
  • Přečerpávací elektrárna Dlouhé Stráně - about 35km far away
  • Monastery on Mount Madonna, Way of the Cross pilgrimage to the Holy Trinity
  • Bobsled
  • Climbing center
  • Tandem giant swing
  • Climbing Wall
  • Fresh air, relax for Čerstvý vzduch, relax and gain new power

Sportx complex of Dolni MOravay There is newly built sports complex where the tenis, noheyball or volleyball can be played on artificial surface. There is as well football field with maintained lawn. The complex is about 5-8 minutes of walking from cottage Rossa.

There is Crossová trail in Vetrny vrch and as well in the resort Ski Sneznik

World War II bunker KS-5 - II.class of resistnace - in Dolni MoravaBunkers, fortress line - Are you "mad" into army, war history of the World War II?? Hardly better place can be found than Dolni Morava and Eagle mountains. There are hundreds od bunkers and fortresse in the fields, forests and mountains around. There is fixed bunker close to cottage from World War II called
KS-5 U Potoka which is about 15 minutes of walking.
Fortress Hurka - is newly fixed fortress which became available for public in summer 2008. This fortress used to be used as ammunition store for Army.
Fortress bouda - artillery fortress, which at the time of the assault was able to destroy the railway station in Polish Mezilesi about 20km away in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the fortress Hanicka, Adam etc.